Reach For the Starfish in the Exumas

There are a few things that come to mind when you think of a tropical getaway. Immediately you envision the soft white sand beneath your bare feet, gently rolling waves crashing to shore, and perhaps even a cocktail in hand. Although it may not come to the top of your mind, it’s no secret that sea […]

Play James Bond at Thunderball Grotto

The Bahamas are for exploring and no matter where you venture, whether on the island or at sea, adventures will always await. One of the most famous places to visit while staying in Exuma is Thunderball Grotto. This iconic rock formation first became famous from the 1965 James Bond movie Thunderball. The grotto sits over […]

Tread Alongside Wild Turtles

We all know about the swimming pigs in the Exumas, but did you know you could get your swim on with a bunch of wild sea turtles too? One of the most common areas visitors go to, to see wild turtles is at Hooper’s Bay. Hoopers Bay is one of the more popular locations that […]

Soak Up the Sun and Dine By Your Room

You’ve been playing in the sun all day, you went fishing, swimming, sunning, and everything else that involves the sweet kiss of the suns rays. You head back to your room a few hours before dusk for a quick rinse and an afternoon nap. There is nothing quite like that nap, the one that comes after […]

A Nature Preserve in Our Neck of the Woods

It is no secret that here in the Exuma’s, we are Bahamian proud. We love everything that makes up our island —the sand, surf, nature, and ecology. We are lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful things and we recognize that it is our responsibility to try and protect our environment as much as possible. […]

Fun in the Sun

There are so many reasons to spend time outdoors in the Bahamas — the sun, the sand and the surf… just to name a few. Since playing in the sun is a way of life in the Exumas, it’s really important to protect your skin and to stay hydrated. With summer closing in on us, […]

Get a Glimpse of the Goombay Smash

What is it about secrets that make us tick? Is it the longing? Maybe it is the exclusivity. Whatever the case may be, secrets have kept humans interested since the dawn of time. If you ask any Bahamian, what one of the best kept secrets of the islands are, they will probably say ‘Miss Emily’s […]

Conch Salad is the Heart of the Bahamas

With spring closing in on us at full force, there is flavor we cannot shake — and that’s the craving for fresh conch salad! One thing that is for sure in the Bahamas is that seafood is king — and with that comes hand-plucked conch meat. Conch Salad is a delicate dish that has been […]

Beautiful Birds Bring the Birders

They say birds of a feather flock together — but that can also be said for birders that flock to the secluded islands of the Exuma’s for an exclusive peak at a unique beak. Many diehard birders make the journey to the Caribbean to get in their tropical bird fix! Because of the different elements […]

Take a Tiki Trek

Plan your entire day around Stocking Island on your next visit to the Exumas. If you know us well, then you know that we have a soft spot in our heart for great Bahamian views and stunning scenery. And we think that you should take a trek on over to Stocking Island to visit our good pals […]

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