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2011_04_15_Allens_Cay_Iguana_ _Cyclura_Cychlura_Inornata_ _Exumas,_Bahamas

Bathe with the Bahamian Iguanas

November 05, 2018

The Bahamas is an obscure playground for tropical species that are used to being around humans. Many people flock to the Exuma’s exclusively to swim with the pigs, while others come to swim with the tame nurse sharks of Compass Cay. But whichever one you decide to swim with, don't forget to make a quick visit to Leaf Cay to check out the ever friendly and protected Bahamian Iguana. 

These herbivores live into their 30’s and 40’s and are an important part of the Bahamian culture. They were once eaten by early inhabitants but are now greatly protected by the Bahamian government. When you stop by Leaf Cay you will see immediately how cute and social these little creatures are. These Iguanas hide under the rocks to keep cool during the day but that will not stop them from crawling out to welcome any newcomer ashore. Be sure to pack the lettuce and your camera for your day date with the Bahamian Iguana.

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